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Those people reading about Recloose for the first time may not know the bit of techno folklore about how he got discovered, while those fans of the DJ and producer from his previous releases on Planet E have probably heard all about it. Both parties, however, should be interested to know that yes, the sandwich story is indeed true. Fact, even. Fresh from a college degree from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Recloose was slingin' lunch specials behind the counter of the Russell Street Deli in Detroit. One afternoon, the burgeoning DJ, who previously went under the moniker Bubblicious as a spry, young hip-hop teen, spotted Planet E poobah and techno ing?e Carl Craig in for a quick sandwich. In a crafty bit of fortuitousness, Recloose dipped into his backpack past the SoleSides and Pharcyde tapes to pull out one of his newly minted demo tapes. And in a triumphant bit of resourcefulness, he slipped the tape between some bread and into Craig's to-go order. Taken with the kid's deli-sized deftness, Craig listened to the tape and loved what he heard. And so the story began.

Five years later, Recloose (a.k.a. Matthew Chicoine) offers his debut album Cardiology after a number of well-received releases have made him one of Detroit's signature artists. Through his two EPs, two singles, one mix CD and numerous remixes, Recloose has developed a sound and style that he best sums up as "shape- shifting," an amorphous aesthetic ››
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