Roman Flügel: Biography

It all began with one of those Chicago-Trax compilations on DM/STREETSOUNDS. As a reaction to the craving for crazed beats from abroad while taking into consideration fans with less money, the biggest hits of these expensive import 12” records were soon released as a compendium.
This opened Pandora’s Box for the very young Roman Flügel. Given to him by his unsuspecting older brother (“He probably didn’t know what he was doing and just wanted to introduce me to some new music”), the luminous power of the unrefined and feverish dance music merely decked with a few drum machines and cheap synthesizers turned the world upside down for the humanist cultivated music pupil from Darmstadt. A few evenings and a few kilometres further up north in Sven Väth’s celebrated Omen added the finishing touches. Memories of the atmosphere at the legendary Warp or Underground Resistance label nights will probably put a smile on filigree Flügel’s face till the end of his days. And mind you, he’d also make a pretty good literature lecturer or writer or thinker. “LFO’s bass – they’d set up everything they had in the way of equipment – was just incredible,” he laughs.

Before long, the trained ear wanted to try more than just classical music. A laboriously built-up collection of machines resulted in the first sound experiments and the courage to give indie fan (that’s what music journals like Zillo used to call such people back then) Jörn Elling ››
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