Captain Comatose: Biographie

“Captain Comatose is the sound of Berlin sleazeball Khan and New York spinner Snax getting it on to filthy discotronica.” (Sleaze Nation - 7/03).
After successfully producing and performing their own individual projects in New York, the two joined forces, releasing two 12” for Playhouse Records. In spring 2002, Captain Comatose relocated to Berlin, Germany and finished their debut album Going Out. Released the following year, the album contains the hit single “$100”, considered a sing-a-long favorite by their loyal following.

Extensive touring all over the world made the name Captain Comatose synonymous with fierce, energetic and decadent live performances. Their own brand of freaky disco, 70’s rock and contemporary electronic dance music has been thrilling crowds ever since the band started. Inspiration stems from time spent club crawling in Berlin and the glory days of New York City before sleaze became a crime. Ex-Berliner writes, “ Try to imagine a disco band with a heavy nod to Iggy, Lou and Freddie Mercury” and the UK Wire simply raves “ Solid Gold.”

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