Kleep: Biography

KLEEP is the new techno project from Finnish-born Sami Liuski. Sami is already a well-known artist as Bangkok Impact and Putsch '79, probably his most popular aliases, and has also run several side projects such as e.g. Lolita Strap, 8-Bit Rockers, Omni Incentive. This multi-monikered musician likes to play with his machines but also with names and mix people's minds, considering this as the essence of electronic music: the music itself is important, not who is behind it.

With so many different faces, Sami has lots of releases under his belt, mainly on the Dutch electrodisco labels Clone Records, Creme Organization/Bunker, Viewlexx and Klakson. This includes one Bangkok Impact album 'Traveller´ released in 2003, the mega hit 'Junge Dame mit Freundliche Tel' and more recently 'Missionary on Mars' that is also used in the 2008 movie 'Linha de Passe' from Walter Salles (the same director made the Hollywood movie 'Dark Water') and one Putsch '79 album 'Putsch' released in 2004, together with his Finnish buddy Pauli Jylhänkangas. Alongside numerous EPs on the aforesaid Dutch labels, Sami has also various remixes and tracks appearing on Cocoon Recordings, Ministry of Sound, Get Physical, DFA Records etc.

Sami is playing live all over the world. During the last 12 months some highlights were Fabric (London), 5 Days Off Festival (Amsterdam), Panorama ››
Biography / Releases
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